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quiz 1 - _&&LWW v_WWW COGS3-SPRING 2008 Quiz 1 1...

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Unformatted text preview: /. -.- _»&&LWW v, - _WWW COGS3-SPRING 2008 Quiz 1 1) Abit is / and a byte is ~ a 1 or o; 10 bits 1 or 0; 8 bits c) 0; 10 bits (1) 1; 8 bits 2) Which statement best describes an operating system? a) An operating system transforms information using an algorithm to make it unreadable to anyone. ENW‘YP’" 0N An operating system produces symbols that require the operator to press and hold several keys simultaneously. FUNCX IA]; KEV An operating system is the software that manages the sharing of the resources of a computer. d) An operating system is part of a computer storage mechanism, in which data is recorded on planar, round and rotating surfaces. 3) Select the operating systems that we will cover in 1/ this class this quarter. a) MacOS, PC-OS, Windows OS, b) MacOS, PC-OS, Unix c) Phunix, PC—OS, MacOS @Mac-OS, WindowsOS, Unix 4) Which is not one of the three basic components of a / computer that was discussed in lecture? a) Hard drive b CPU Monitor d) RAM 5) Which statement best describes a “user interfacez” ‘/ a) A user interface is a scheme that stores audio and video more efficiently, enabling the user to be m ore functional. WMYF‘é-QIUN - UH» “P9 63)): user interface allows people to interact with a computer and computer-controlled devices. c) A user interface is a piece of computer hardware ‘ that is added to a host computer in order to expand its abilities. d) A user interface is a computer design that is intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue. EOYie April 17, 2008 EXAM: D 6) What is NOT an example of a violation of the ACS Acceptable Use Policy? a) Tying up special equipment unnecessarily. “(3 Using Wagor commercial purposes. Postin materi l to electronic bulletin boards. @ Sending electronic junk mail or chain letters. All of the above ARE violations of ACS Acceptable Use Policies. 7) Each layer in photoshop can be independently— a) transformed b) opacity/transparency changes c) saved (1) moved 6) All of the above. 8) Pixels are . ‘/ a) Equations that describe a line b) Tiny solid color squares 0) Picture elements d) A and C @B andC 9) What does this diagram depict? a) Apixmap image b) Avector-bitmap image c Avector image d Abitmap image e) All of the above. 10) If your image has a bit depth of 4, how many colors 3/ will your image have? a) 64 ), 32 c 16 d) 8 e) 4 ...
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