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Midterm2Practice_000 - them 6 What changes to membrane...

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BILD1 Practice Questions for Midterm #2 8/23/08 1) Explain how a non-spontaneous reaction can be made to occur inside a cell (one sentence): 2) What is the major energy transfer molecule of a cell? (one word) 3) What is the function of ribosomes that are bound to the ER? (i.e. What are they making?) 4) What molecules are being synthesized by enzymes of the smooth ER? 5) How are vesicles moved from one region of a cell to another – what components are used to move
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Unformatted text preview: them? 6) What changes to membrane phospholipids would tend to make the membrane more fluid? 7) What determines which chemical reactions are allowed to occur rapidly in a cell? 8) How would you define the difference between a competitive and a non-competitive enzyme inhibitor? 9) How does an activated G-protein become de-activated? 10) Name the phases of mitosis. What happens when the cell transitions to anaphase?...
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