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Mitosis Meiosis In somatic cells In cells in the sexual cycle One cell division. resultint in two dauehter cells Two cell divisions. resultins in four oroducts Chromosome number per nucleus is maintained Cbromosome number halved in the products One premitotic S phase per cell division One premeiotic S phase for both cell divisions No pairine of homoloes Full synapsis of homoloes at oroohase I No crossover At least I crossover per homologous pair Centromeres divide at anaphase Homologous pairs divide at anaphase I, cenEomeres divide at anaphase II Conservative process - daughter cells' genotypes identical to parental genotyoe Promotes variation among the products of meiosis Cell undergoing mitosis can be diploid or haploid Cell undergoing meiosis is diploid Interphase: G1- organelles double, proteins increase, cytoplasmic volume doubles S- DNA synthesis, chromosome duplicate G2- preparation for mitosis Mitosis: Prophase: L nucleoli in nucleus disappears,
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