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Biometry mid-term. Winter 1999. Unless stated set α =.05. Remember to always state Ho, HA, and the assumptions of the test. You can have out one page of formulae and a calculator. The calculator should not be used in statistical mode; you should always write down intermediate steps, including sample variances. Points are out of 100. If you do a chi-square with 1 degree of freedom remember that you should do the Yates correction Please do not write on the tables. Use the back of the exam pages for scratch paper. 1 (20 points) i) There are five golf balls and five snooker balls in a bucket. If I randomly draw a ball, but do not replace it, and then draw another one, draw the probability tree for the possible outcomes. Is the outcome on the second experiment independent from that on the first? No, the oucome of the second experiment is not independent from that of the first. Balls are not replaced after drawing, so the outcomes of subsequent draws are influenced by previousdraws. ii) Name a theoretical discrete probability distribution in which the mode, median and mean differ. Sketch the distribution and indicate the approximate positions of the mode and mean. Poisson distribution.
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midtermsolns - Name. Biometry mid-term. Winter 1999. Unless...

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