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001_quiz5 - Physics 1C Quiz 5 NOV 5 2004 Prof Jose Onuchic...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 1C Quiz # 5 NOV. 5, 2004 Prof. Jose Onuchic MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 5 Figure 1 F="'15[l cm n Y I‘ V {-12 cm—ii— 9|] cm -—:I- 1) In Figure 1, a convex lens of focal length +150 cm is 90 cm to the right of a concave lens. A point source of paraxial rays is at P, 72 cm to the left of the concave lens. This point source produces a parallel beam to the right of the convex lens. The focal length of the concave lens, in cm, is closest to: A) —100 B) —60 C) —43 D) -33 E) -360 Situation A _ . An erect object is 50 cm from a concave mirror of radius 60 cm. 2) In Situation A, the character of the image is: ' A) virtual and inverted I B) real and erect C) real and inverted D) virtual and erect E) indeterminate 3) In Situation A, the object is moved to a new position, such that the new lateral magnification is +2.5. The I new object distance, in cm, is closest to: A) 24 B) 18 C) 36 D) 30 E) 42 4) In Situation A, the distance of the image from the mirror, in cm, is closest to: _ A) 60 B) 19 C) 35 D) 120 E) 75 5) When an object is placed 30 from a converging lens, the image formed is positioned 60 cm from the lens. If the object is moved 5 cm closer to the lens, the position of the image changes by 40 cm. What is the focal length of the lens? A) 32cm B) 20cm C) 16cm D) 25cm _ E) 36cm 6) As you walk away from a plane mirror on a wall, your image A) is always a real image, no matter how far you are from the mirror. B) changes from being a virtual image to a real image as you pass the focal point. C) may or may not get smaller. depending on where the observer is positioned. D) gets smaller. E) is always the same size. 7) Suppose you place your face in front of a concave mirror. A) Your image will be diminished in size. B) If you position yourself between the center of curvature and the focal point of the mirror. you will not be able to see your image. _ C) No matter where you place yourself. a real image will be formed. D) Your image will always be inverted. E) None of these is true. 8) An amateur astronomer grinds a convex—convex lens whose surfaces have radii of curvature of 40 cm and 60 cm. The glass has an index of refraction of 1.54. What is the focal length of this lens in air? A) 126 cm ' B) 222 cm C) 44.4 cm D) 88.8 cm E) 42.5 cm (3.1: ...
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