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Practice Midterm #2 Questions BILD 2 8/21/08 1) Action potentials originate at the __________________ , travel down axons, and terminate at ____________________. 2) ______________ cells support and nourish neurons. 3) The so called “fight or flight” response is triggered by activation of the __________________ division of the autonomic nervous system, and this leads to _______________________ (one specific physiological response). When we need to “rest and digest”, the _____________________ division of the autonomic nervous system is activated. 4) The olfactory receptors that bind to specific odorant molecules belong to a specific class of transmembrane protein receptors called ______________________. They are named this because they communicate directly with intracellular signal transduction proteins called _____________________. 5) When a woman becomes pregnant, at least two major events that normally occur monthly in her reproductive cycle need to be halted. What are these events? What set of signal(s) ensure that these
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PracticeMidterm2Questions_002 - Practice Midterm#2...

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