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Plant Physiology Online: Study Questions A Companion to Plant Physiology, Fourth Edition by Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger Topics Essays Study Questions Readings Help Select Chapter: Search HOME :: CHAPTER 15 :: Study Questions Study Questions 1. Evaluate the following statement: "Plant cells are unique in that they are surrounded by a rigid cell wall." 2. Cite five distinct functions of plant cell walls. 3. How can one distinguish between the major compenents of plant cell walls: cellulose microfibrils, pectins, hemicelluloses, and proteins? Give examples of the types of molecules that make up each of these major structural components, and how they are arranged in the cell wall. 4. Where in the cell is cellulose synthesized? Discuss the nature of the enzyme involved, its appearance in the electron microscope, and its interactions with components of the cytoskeleton. What role does this interaction play during microfibril deposition? 5. In dinoflagellate algae, cellulose is secreted to the cell surface in the form of crystalline scales via large,
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