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Resolved, that I would do nothing which does not glorify God, and that every movement that I make and every breath that I breathe I would give God the greatest amount of glory possible. Resolved, that I would become nothing in this life, giving up all materialistic, occupational, relational, and human comforts so that the name of the Lord would be magnified above my own and for the proliferation of the gospel to utmost ends of the earth. Resolved, that I would honor all my parents in obedience, sacrificial love, care, humility,
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Unformatted text preview: kindness, and in all things that coincide with the gospel. Resolved, that I would allow God to pursue me in the midst of all things including trial, temptation, thanksgiving, praise, stagnation, apathy, celebration, and amusement. Resolved, that I would worship God in all aspects of my life, from the mundane eating and drinking to daily tasks to worshiping as one body prayer church listening...
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