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P1112 Fall 2008 Homework #12 Reading: 9.1-9.4, 10.1-10.5 Not all concepts will be covered in class – you are responsible for all material in the reading and in the homework problems. Problems: 1. As shown below, a solid ball rolls (without slipping) down a track of height H then off a ramp of height h. It leaves the ramp moving vertically. How high does the ball go (measured from the bottom of the track)? 2. A woman with mass 50 kg is standing on the rim of a large disk that is rotating at 2 rev/s about an axis through its center. The disk has mass 110 kg and radius 4.0 m. Calculate the magnitude of the total angular momentum of the woman-plus-disk system about the pivot. Assume that you can treat the woman as a point. 3. A solid disk is rolling without slipping on a level surface at a constant speed of 2.50 m/s. a) If the disk rolls up a 30 0 ramp, how far along the ramp will it move before it stops? b)
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