Lecture 20 - 10.15.2008

Lecture 20 - 10.15.2008 - AEM1200 Introduction to Business...

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AEM1200, Introduction to Business Management Wednesday 10/15 The Environments of Business The General Environment The Specific Environment Organizational Culture Characteristics of External Environments (all events outside a company that have the potential to  influence or affect it) Environmental change The rate at which a company’s environment changes; Punctuated equilibrium theory:  Companies cycle through stable and dynamic  environments. Environmental Complexity  Number of external factors in the environment that affect organizations; Resource Scarcity  Degree to which an organization’s external environment has an abundance or  scarcity of critical organizational resources. Uncertainty = extent to which managers can understand or predict which environmental changes  and trends will affect their business. When environmental change, complexity, and resource  scarcity are high, managers may not be confident that can handle the external factors affecting  their businesses.  General Environment: events and trends that affect all organizations. Because the economy  influences basic business decision, managers often use economic statistics and business  confidence indices to predict future economic activity. Economy
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  • Fall '06
  • PEREZ,P.D.
  • Natural environment, organizational cultures, business confidence indices, Environment Organizational Culture

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Lecture 20 - 10.15.2008 - AEM1200 Introduction to Business...

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