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AEM 1200 lecture

AEM 1200 lecture - AEM1200 Introduction to Business...

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AEM1200, Introduction to Business Management. Friday 11/14 Diversity and Business Management Definition and value of workplace diversity Superficial and deep diversity Implementing and managing a diverse workplace Workplace diversity: The protection, respect and inclusion of the entire package of attributes that each employee contributes to the workplace. Different skills, experiences and backgrounds in the workplace can help foster and drive business growth, innovation and success. Diversity is NOT affirmative action DIVERSITY May exist without a program Broad focus Not legally based Create a positive work environment Generally accepted The business case for diversity 1. A talent shortage that requires us to seek out and use the full capabilities of all our employees. 2. The need to be like our customers, including the need to understand and communicate with them in terms that reflects their concerns. 3. Diverse teams produce better results. Diversity makes good business sense Cost savings Reduced absenteeism Reduced turnover Avoidance of lawsuits Attracting and retaining talent Attracts better and more diverse job applicants Has higher stock market performance Encourages stars to stay
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