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Economic Geography (GEOG 332) Core Concepts Dibble 2008 Basic Concepts of Spatial Economic Decision-Making and Markets o Distance decay, site and situation, spatial interaction, gravity model, tradeoffs, opportunity cost, margin, incentives, gains from trade, distance as a tax on trade (transportation costs act like taxes), accessibility and market potential Four Fundamental Sectors for Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Access Requirements o Primary – Primary – Ag and Resource Extraction – Von Thünen o Secondary – Secondary – Manufacturing and Processing – Weber o Tertiary – Tertiary – Face-to-Face Services and Retail – Christaller o Quaternary – Quaternary – Footloose Work Any WHERE and Any TIME Basic and Advanced Trade Theory o Gains from trade among individuals, sectors/businesses, places, countries o Specific-factors model; who gains and who loses when things change o Trade wars and international institutions to manage trade conflicts Globalization Processes
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