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1 Mid-Atlantic Regional Simulation (MARS) Catherine Dibble Department of Geography University of Maryland Colege Park, Maryland 20742 [email protected] MARS and Globalization Slide 2 The GeoGraph 3D Agent-Based Computational Laboratory (Univ of Maryland) A general purpose computational laboratory for modeling & inference : heterogeneous mobile agents on richly-structured network/terrain landscapes at all scales from buildings to global networks of cities either synthetic landscapes or real- world GIS / RS landscapes network and/or 3D terrain http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/7/1/7.html MARS and Globalization Slide 3 Multi-Scale Synthetic and Remote Sensing GeoGraph Simulation Landscapes MARS and Globalization Slide 4 Mid-Atlantic Highlands Area (MAHA) MARS and Globalization Slide 5 Four Sectors in a Simple Locational Game GROW farmers / miners / loggers want to minimize local population density but to be near high- population market centers MAKE MAKE manufacturers / heavy industry want to maximize access to non-local MAKE and SERV SERV face-to-face direct service workers and retail shops want to maximize the local and nearby ratios of non-SERV customers to SERV agents INFO INFO information and other footloose workers want to commute to MAKE agents for some work, but not to live too near their pollution (interesting tradeoff parameters!) want to be near SERV agents (e.g. Starbucks) may have preferences for optimal community size MARS and Globalization Slide 6 Agent Objectives ~ Market Potential MP i = P i + Σ j n-1 ( P j / d ij ) MP i = market potential at node i d ij = distance between place i and j P j = attributes of place j, such as its population, resources, Quality of Life, etc. Note that P may be good or bad, we look at balance. n = total number of places.
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2 MARS and Globalization Slide 7 Sample Settlement Equilibria (T=200) No shortcuts Transporter Shortcuts (c=0) Contraction = 0.04 Note the INFO loners on the eastern side of the first ring. They are part of our best hope for environmental quality and economic development in the MAHA region. MARS and Globalization Slide 8 Effects of Sector %s Mostly GROW GROW Sector GROW 70% MAKE 10% SERV 10% INFO 10% MARS and Globalization Slide 9 Effects of Sector %s Mostly MAKE MAKE Sector GROW 10% MAKE 70% SERV 10% INFO 10% MARS and Globalization Slide 10 Effects of Sector %s Mostly
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332_MARS - The GeoGraph 3D Agent-Based Computational...

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