332_hw1_2008 - Name Geog 332 10-Feb-08 Homework/Lab...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: __________________________________ Geog 332 10-Feb-08 Homework/Lab Practice These questions and problems provide practice working with the material we have covered so far. Try them on your own, then correct them and ask questions about anything with which you had trouble. Look at the Gravity Model in the PDF notes. I’ll go over it in class on Thursday, but you should be able to figure it out from the notes. Bring your completed homework to class Thursday 14 th February. (& any Questions) 1. If you are the owner of a particular manufacturing company that imports raw materials that weigh very little per unit of final product, yet ships a final product that is extremely heavy and expensive to transport, you would place your factory: a. near the consumers b. near the raw materials c. between the raw materials and the consumers, in proportion to relative costs d. you don’t care because you’re going to make money either way 2. a. What is the equation for the Gravity Law of Spatial Interaction? Be sure to define each term. (2 points) b. If k = 10 for telephone calls per year, town A has 900 people, town B has 100 people, and the two towns are 30 miles apart, how many phone calls would you expect between the two towns this year? Show your work! (3 points) 3. In Central Place Theory, a. the range of a good is the ________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ b. the threshold of a good is the _____________________________________ _____________________________________________________________...
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332_hw1_2008 - Name Geog 332 10-Feb-08 Homework/Lab...

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