1845 boston top 4 owned over 65 of the wealth 1860

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Unformatted text preview: he top 10% of the population. 1845 Boston top 4% owned over 65% of the wealth. 1860 Philadelphia top 1% owned over 50% of the wealth. The gap between rich and poor was widening! v v v Samuel Slater ("Father of the Factory System") The Lowell/Waltham System: First Dual-Purpose Textile Plant Francis Cabot Lowell's town - 1814 Lowell in 1850 Lowell Mill Early Textile Loom New England Textile Centers: 1830s New England Dominance in Textiles Starting for Lowell Lowell Girls What was their typical "profile?" Lowell Boarding Houses What was boardinghouse life like? Lowell Mills Time Table Early "Union" Newsletter The Factory Girl's Garland February 20, 1845 issue. I'm a Factory Girl Filled with Wishes I'm a factory girl Everyday filled with fear From breathing in...
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