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They were first copiers then innovators 1800 41

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Unformatted text preview: . They were first copiers, then innovators. 1800 41 patents were approved. 1860 4,357 " " " Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin, 1791 Actually invented by a slave! Eli Whitney's Gun Factory Interchangeable Parts Rifle Oliver Evans First automated flour mill First prototype of the locomotive John Deere & the Steel Plow (1837) Cyrus McCormick & the Mechanical Reaper: 1831 Samuel F. B. Morse 1840 Telegraph Cyrus Field & the Transatlantic Cable, 1858 Elias Howe & Isaac Singer 1840s Sewing Machine The "American Dream" z They all regarded material advance as the natural fruit of American republicanism & proof of the country's virtue and promise. A German visitor in the 1840s, Friedrich List, observed: Anything new is quickly introduced here, including all...
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