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Have you ever hear someone say, "Everyone is creative"? Well it's not true. The truth is that some people are more talented and more comfortable working with ideas.That may be you. Or maybe not. Below you'll see a concept for a print ad, a full page magazine ad. It's for a low priced, 100cc motorcycle. The target audience is 16 to 24 year old boys to young men, for whom a motorcycle will be the first major purchase of their lives, which is exactly the case in three of the world's four most populous countries: China, India, and Indonesia. For most of the target audience, ownership of a motorcycle is a way of saying, "I'm doing great, and on the way to bigger and better things in life." In parts of Europe and North America, there's a similar psycho-dynamic with a teenager's first car. The concept for a print ad can be depicted in writing like this: Print layout The advertising idea behind this ad is, “the big plans you have in life start with the purchase of this small, inexpensive motorcycle.” Or, here’s another way to create the same concept: Here’s another concept: ! Headline: Fashionable bedroom attire. ! Visual: Condom ! The advertising idea behind this concept is that “these days it’s cool to use a condom.” ! For print ads, a concept is the headline and main visual. And that’s what you want to scribble on paper. Just the main idea of the ad, the headline and picture. Sure the rest comes later, but at first keep it simple. ! a plan that imposes order Layout and Design Creating Print Advertising Design Use of Layouts The layout is the preliminary version of the ad that shows where all the key formatting elements are placed. This ad for the new Beetle looks like the tummy of an expectant mother. Types of Advertising Artists Art Directors Graphic Designers Illustrators Photographers Production Artists
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Stages in the Approval Process ! Thumbnail sketches ! Rough layout ! Dummy ! Comprehensive ! Mechanical (Pasteup) ! Approval ! Common types of ad layouts " Picture window: single dominant visual that dominates 60% to 70% of the ad’s space " All art: art fills the frame of the ad and copy is embedded in the picture " Panel or grid " Dominant type " Circus " Nonlinear: contemporary layout that can be read at any starting
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lec_9_fall07 - Have you ever hear someone say"Everyone is...

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