ch_ 10 - Managing the Advertising Production Process...

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Managing the Advertising Production Process Planning Directing Controlling Organizing Specific Tasks Managed by the Producer or Production Manager ! Reproduction of visuals ! Shooting and editing of scenes ! Precise specification and placement of type ! Checking, approving, duplicating, shipping of final art, negatives, tape, or film to media Print Production Process Pre-production Production Prepress Printing/ Distribution Preproduction Phase: Planning ! Open a job jacket ! What equipment will be needed? ! How will we get it? ! What materials are necessary? ! What human resources are needed? ! Will there be any special expenses associated with the job? ! How many production artists are needed? ! What are the publication closing dates? ! Appearance and arrangement of the ad’s printed matter " Hand-drawn " Computer type ! Type has an aesthetic role Typography Type Groups Serif Sans Serif Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising
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" Weight, posture, and width is varied by using terms such as light, bold, italic, expanded, and condensed " Justification Families of Type Type measurement Points: Display copy: 14 points or larger • Body copy: 12 points or smaller ! Picas: bigger unit for width of columns, 6 picas in an inch " Legibility: ! Using typography to facilitate ease of reading Families of Type Readability of Type Characteristics Large bold simple ! large , bold , and simple type faces length of the line (less than 3 inches) Readability of Type Characteristics The call of the wild whispers your name, and it asks if you
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ch_ 10 - Managing the Advertising Production Process...

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