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* Box, page 1 Managing the Advertising Production Process Planning Directing Controlling Organizing * Box, page 1 Specific Tasks Managed by the Producer or Production Manager #Reproduction of visuals #Shooting and editing of scenes #Precise specification and placement of type #Checking, approving, duplicating, shipping of final art, negatives, tape, or film to media * Box, page 1 Print Production Process Pre-production Production Prepress Printing/ Distribution * Box, page 1 Preproduction Phase: Planning #Open a job jacket #What equipment will be needed?
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Unformatted text preview: #How will we get it? #What materials are necessary? #What human resources are needed? #Will there be any special expenses associated with the job? #How many production artists are needed? #What are the publication closing dates? * Box, page 1 #Appearance and arrangement of the ad’s printed matter #Hand-drawn #Computer type #Type has an aesthetic role Typography * Box, page 1 Type Groups Serif Sans Serif Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising...
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