advertising final - PRINT Print Media Includes newspapers...

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Print Media Includes: newspapers, magazines, direct-mail pieces o Print media trustworthy deliver messages one topic at time and one thought at a time o Audiences absorb more carefully than broadcast o Target audiences selectively Newspaper o Affordable o Can selectively targeted to people o More people purchase because they want for advertising (classifieds, weekly coupons) Pros/Advantages of Newspapers o Cost efficient o Localized targeting o Immediacy value o Has ability to be national or local o Mass medium—all across US o Local o Comprehensive o Selective by geography o Timely—comes out everyday—if you have to do something urgent/right now o Truthful, credible o Selective attention—people will attend to newspaper o Creative flexibility—can get different kinds of editions in city, o Active medium—involved/interacting with it when reading it o Permanent record—cut ad out of paper o Reasonable cost—inexpensive Cons/Disadvantages o Lack of selectivity—ages, lifestyles o Short life span—toss it when your done o Low production quality—not good picture/photograph print o Clutter—you’re not the only ad o Lack of control over placement—unless willing to pay extra cost (premium), but tend to go by press run—go where they fit o Overlapping circulation—competing for same audience
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advertising final - PRINT Print Media Includes newspapers...

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