Lec 17 - University of California, Berkeley Architecture...

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University of California, Berkeley Professor Littmann Architecture 170b An Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism Architecture 170b Lecture 17 3/15/2007 European city plans of the 19 th century o Regent’s Park and Regent Street, London Creation of commercial thoroughfare for elite Building a monumental street through congested building fabric Looks for land of renters and poor so land can easily be stripped from them Manage to take out a lot of buildings in the urban fabric Very ornate and classical façade o Vienna, Ringstrasse, 1857-1914 Left the inner core untouched Developed the ring of property around the inner core Flanked with greenery Worried of the poor and working class coming into the Ring Considered putting up a wall o Analogous to Fourth Street, Berkeley Used to be an industrial landscape Transformation of Paris o Haussmann hired to modernize Paris o Cut right through the heart of Paris Almost like a lawn mower mowing down through the medieval landscape of Paris Take out a lot of working class neighborhoods Streets are really straight o Dark dense streets Medieval-era streets were narrow The streets were fetid with waste Were like sewers Industrial Revolution brought wealth to the city but streets were really
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Lec 17 - University of California, Berkeley Architecture...

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