Biology Chapter 9 Objectives

Biology Chapter 9 Objectives - Chapter 9 Cellular...

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Chapter 9 Cellular Respiration: Harvesting Chemical Energy The Principles of Energy Harvest 1. Fermentation is the partial degration of sugars that occurs without the use of oxygen. In cellular respiration however, oxygen is consumed as a reactant along with organic fuel. 2. The summary equation for cellular respiration is: Organic compounds + Oxygen Carbon dioxide + Water + Energy The chemical equation for the degradation of glucose is: C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O + Energy (ATP + heat) 3. Oxidation is the loss of electrons from one substance. Reduction is the addition of electrons to another substance. 4. Redox reactions are involved in energy exchanges because there is a transfer of one or more electrons from one reactant to another. 5. NAD + , an electron acceptor, functions in cellular respiration as an oxidizing agent. 6. The electron transport chain in cellular respiration breaks the fall of electrons to oxygen into several energy-releasing steps instead of one explosive reaction The Process of Cellular Respiration 7. The three stages of cellular respiration are glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation. Glycolysis occurs in the cytosol, the citric acid cycle takes place within the mitochondrial matrix, and oxidative phosphorylation also takes place in the mitochondrion. 8. The carbon skeleton of glucose changes as it proceeds through glycolysis because the six-carbon sugar is split into two three-carbon sugars. The smaller sugars are then oxidized and the remaining atoms are rearranged to form two molecules of pyruvate. 9.
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Biology Chapter 9 Objectives - Chapter 9 Cellular...

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