Biology Chapter 54 Objectives

Biology Chapter 54 Objectives - Chapter 54 Objectives 1....

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Chapter 54 Objectives 1. Energy enters most ecosystems in the form of sunlight, which is then converted into chemical energy by autotrophic organisms, passed to heterotrophs in the organic compounds of food, and dissipated in the form of heat. 2. Ecosystems follow the first law of thermodynamics because energy in an ecosystem isn't created or destroyed. It is transformed when plants convert solar energy to chemical energy. The total amount of energy doesn't change. Also, to follow the second law, energy flowing through ecosystems is ultimately dissipated into space as heat. Energy conversions aren't completely efficient. 3. Decomposition channels resources from providers to consumers. Detritivores make vital chemical elements available to producers by decomposing organic material and transferring the chemical elements in inorganic forms to abiotic reservoirs. 4. The amount of energy used in photosynthesis is so much less than the amount of solar energy that reaches the earth because most of the solar radiation that reaches earth's surface lands on ground or bodies of water that either absorb or reflect the incoming energy. Only a small fraction actually strikes plants, and only some of the wavelengths are suitable for photosynthesis. 5. Gross primary production is the amount of light energy that is converted to chemical energy by photosynthesis per unit time. Net primary production is equal to gross primary production minus the energy used by the primary producers for respiration. Net primary production is the key measurement since it represents the storage of chemical energy that will be available to consumers in the ecosystem. 8.
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Biology Chapter 54 Objectives - Chapter 54 Objectives 1....

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