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WORKSHEET_1 - relevance to interpreting the Letter to the...

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WORKSHEET 1: 1) What is meant by the righteousness of God being revealed from faith to faith (Rom 1:17)? 2) What is the difference between a Universal Gospel and a Universalist Gospel? 3) Describe medieval sacramentalism in-depthly. 4) What are/were indulgences? 5) What role did the Letter to the Romans play in the Reformation? 6) Who were Priscilla and Aquila according to F.F. Bruce? 7) Discuss the issue of the edict of Claudius (pages 16-17 commentary) and its
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Unformatted text preview: relevance to interpreting the Letter to the Romans. 8) Why would Christianity have been referred to as a foreign superstition (page 18 commentary)? 9) Summarize the development and circulation of the Pauline corpus (pages 20-23 commentary). 10) F.F. Bruce mentioned that Romans has close affinity to Galatians (page 30). Discuss in what way(s) the two letters are closely related and in what way(s) the two letters differ....
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