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NOTES SECTION ONE, week 1, romans

NOTES SECTION ONE, week 1, romans - in the final week and...

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NOTES SECTION ONE: Slide 1: Welcome to an exegetical study of Paul’s masterpiece: The Letter to the Romans. Slide 2: Introductory information concerning the Letter to the Romans includes items such as authorship, date, etc. Most scholars agree that the apostle Paul wrote the Letter to the Romans. He wrote the letter during his third missionary while he was in Corinth. This places the date in the winter of A.D. 57/58. The background picture in this slide shows the Roman forum in the center of ancient Rome. (The guy in the forefront is not the apostle Paul but Dr. Ronnie Hood, Dr. Renate Hood’s husband). This is where the government of the Roman Empire was seated. During the writing of the letter to the Romans the emperor Nero ruled. In the next lesson you will read more about this evil ruler. Slide 3: Critical issues are matters that scholars disagree on. For Romans these matters include the so- called doxology toward the end of the letter, matters of unity of the letter (this will be discussed
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Unformatted text preview: in the final week), and the puzzling verse: Rom 11:26. Slide 4: Romans 1:16-17 are the theme verses for Romans. Note that Paul emphasizes that he is not ashamed of the Gospel. The Gospel—in worldly terms—was about an executed criminal who died a shameful death. But Paul proclaims that he is not ashamed. He recognizes the power of the Gospel which lies within. The power of God lies in the resurrection of Christ. Note also the phrase about the Jews first but now also the Greek. Slide 6: Following the theme verses one can observe the theme of Romans: The universal Gospel—both for Jews and Greek. Slide 7: The outline for Romans is just a tool. That way when studying Romans the flow of the letter can be followed. You are to know the outline by memory and know it well! Slide 8: Read the document entitled “Martin Luther, Romans, and the Reformation.”...
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NOTES SECTION ONE, week 1, romans - in the final week and...

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