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ROMANS BACKGROUND SCAVENGER HUNT See the folder Scavenger Hunt links in Resources to find your leads. Find the following: 1. Rome grew into a major city under the rule of the _________ in the centuries before Christ. 2. In AD 53 Nero married Claudius's daughter, __________ 3. Rhea Silvia bore twins,___________. 4. Did Nero play the fiddle while Rome burned? Why/Why not? 5. What were the main accusations brought against the Christians in AD64 following the fire of Rome? 6. What three women did Nero marry? 7. Prior to Rome becoming an empire it was a republic. While a republic, the senate consisted of ____________________________________________. 8. The Republican government was symbolized by the letters _________. 9. All women were expected to be involved in _______ production. 10. Give one of Jerome’s comments about parchments.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. What city that Paul had visted was a kind of monumental city built around the remains of the older Greek city, the center of which was the temple of Apollo with its great monolithic Ionic columns standing up above the rest of the city? 12. Who prayed, “O Lord God of heaven and earth, Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High, grant that her daughter Falconilla may live forever”? 13. Who scratched short prayers on the plaster of the triclia ( hall for funeral banquets, in the open air): "Paul and Peter, pray for Victor - Paul,Peter, pray for Sozomenon" ? 14. Who is this? 15. At age________, the boys of the upper classes attended "grammar" school, where they studied Latin, Greek, grammar, and literature....
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