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Unformatted text preview: THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME BRIEF HISTORY OF ROME IDEALISM PAX ROMANA Slide 2 GEOGRAPHICAL SETTING >Built on the hills overlooking the Tiber River. >Divided by Augustus into 14 regions. >About 800,000 citizens (lots of immigrants and foreigners). FOUNDING OF ROME ROMULUS AND REMUS EARLIEST SIGN OF PERMANENT HABITATION IN THE AREA OF ROME c. 1000 B.C.E. Slide 5 JEWISH COMMUNITY IN ROME (More than) 8000 Jews in 4 B.C.E. [Josephus] Jews were mostly slaves who had become Roman citizens [Philo] Edict of Claudius 49 C.E. [Suetonius] Slide 6 CULTURAL & RELIGIOUS SETTING Various religions: Mithraism Cult of Isis GrecoRoman pantheism Arrival of first Christians in Rome not known by date; yet Acts 2:10 By the time of Romans, a defined Christian community was present House of Clement Early leadership apostles Peter & Paul both martyred 64 C.E. fire of Rome Slide 8 HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME SOCIOANTHROPOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION OF CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME I Jews and Gentiles likely interacted with each other within the GrecoRoman culture and within the Christian community without much pressure from Judaizers. Slide 9 Group boundary maintenance; yet somewhat permeable Still some concern for unity Labeling of deviants pagans Social mobility somewhat limited and social roles ascribed; yet women had an active role Certain forms of ascetic thinking Legitimation of the existence of the community Slide 10 SOCIOANTHROPOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION OF CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME II SOCIOANTHROPOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION OF CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME III Christian adopted their symbols directly from the dominant, GrecoRoman culture Interculturally, the Christians were retrieving from the larger matrix of Greco Roman culture while at the same time being influenced by the same culture SOCIOANTHROPOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION OF CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY IN ROME IV THE FORM OF CHRISTIANITY WAS PREDOMINANTLY GENTILE CHRISTIAN Slide 12 ...
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