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WORKSHEET_3 - 3 Expand the discussion on idealism and pax...

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WORKSHEET 3: 1) Read the external link named Fire of Rome. Make sure to read some of the links to the ancient works off that same site. Describe what life was like for Christians in Rome following the fire in Rome. The Letter to the Romans was written about 6 ½ years prior so what do you think conditions were like for the Christians at that time? 2) Describe Greco-Roman pantheism.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Expand the discussion on idealism and pax romana in light of the history of Rome. Do you agree with these being the two terms that summarize the state of the first-century Roman Empire? 4) How does a description of the Christian community in Rome (i.e. the church in Rome) help you understand better the Letter to the Romans?...
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