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Study Guide: Exam 1 1. Know the dates for the following: Roman period, writing of Romans, Edict of Claudius, Apostolic period, Reign of emperors beginning with Augustus through Domitian, Fire of Rome, Reformation, Modern Period. 2. Roman History and Life: founding of the city, population, politics, etc. 3. Christianity in Rome: origin, history and social make up of Christian community in Rome. 4. Introductory Matters to the letter of Romans: Authorship, Date, Purpose,
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Unformatted text preview: Critical Issues, Theme, Outline. 5. Noncanonical books: examples and value. 6. Matters related to canonization of the OT and NT. 7. Know honor/shame dynamics of the first century and be prepared to discuss a given passage in light of it. 8. Know all the material from notes, power points, readings, assignments, etc. Everything is a fair game. God bless, have fun, you are going to do great....
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