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WORKSHEET_6 - interpretation and understanding of...

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WORKSHEET 6: 1) Find at least one example of Paul using his typical transition (in the Book of Romans) shown in slides 5-7 (see notes section 6). 2) What IS the sin predicament of humanity? 3) Should the Greek word, hilasterion , be translated as propitiation or expiation in Rom 3:25 (you must pick one). Substantiate and explain your choice. What did you take into consideration in your decision making (methodology)? 4) Explain how understanding ancient Roman law concerning adoption affects your
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Unformatted text preview: interpretation and understanding of Romans (and Galatians)? 5) How critical are you thus far of the commentary? Obviously, F.F. Bruce takes a certain position in translating Rom 3:25, for example, as he does in other verses. Do you cross-reference other commentaries? What has been the most helpful aspect of the commentary thus far? What has gotten you concerned at this time?...
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