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WORKSHEET 5: 1) Make sure that you understand what covenantal nomism is/entails (if not, look it up). How does this affect what you believe about Judaism and Jews? Also, how does it affecting witnessing to Jews? 2) In slide 3 a number of purposes for writing Romans are given. Provide some additional potential purposes. 3) Reflect on the three exchanges in Romans chapter 1 (see slide 12) and discuss how these exchanges are still observable in humanity today.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) What is Pauls mission as described in the opening verses of Romans? 5) Was Gods impartiality (Rom 2:1-11) a new concept? 6) What connection do Martin Luther, The Reformation, and The Book of Romans have (be specific)? 7) What role did Greek play in Martin Luthers breakthrough moment as he read Romans chapter 1 (be specific)? 1...
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