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WORKSHEET_10 - requirements here in chapter 10 of Romans 3...

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WORKSHEET 10: 1) Relate how chapter 10 fits in with the flow of Romans chapters 9-11 (i.e. how is the argument of chapter 9 continued in chapter 10 and how is chapter 10 setting up for the argument to be continued in chapter 11). 2) Scholars and lay people alike differ in what the requirements are for salvation. Rom 10:9 appears to have 2 requirements for salvation: (1) confession of Christ and (2) belief in the resurrection. Yet some scholars would point out that this only asks for “belief” not for “making Christ Lord” and therefore is inconsistent with other parts of New Testament soteriology. So what is required for salvation? Why is Paul emphasizing these two
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Unformatted text preview: requirements here in chapter 10 of Romans. 3) Why is God faithful to His promises? 4) Comment on the following statement: “ The analogy of the olive tree is an analogy of grace ” (Paul Achtemaier). 5) Give your interpretation of Rom 11:26. Use at least 3 academic commentaries. Substantiate your answer and comment on how to balance your interpretation so as to avoid extremes (see section 9 materials). Your answer should at least be half a page in length and evidence objective, academic, and solid thinking....
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