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NOTES SECTION NINE: As we now move on to the next part in the outline of Romans, from the theological development of the main theme to the historical development of the main theme (see slides 4 and 5), we are faced with the obvious question: What was/is Israel’s role in light of this main theme of universal grace in Christ. Slide 6: If then the Gentiles are included in God’s plan of salvation, and the way for Jews to Christ is through Christ as well, then what is the role of Israel? Has Israel’s role ceased? Slide 7: As you might well recall, one of the critical issues pertaining to the letter to the Romans concerns the proper interpretation of Rom 11:26. Throughout the history of Bible interpretation people have dealt differently with the identification of Israel in Romans chapter 9-11. In order to interpret Romans one must in turn also come to terms with who/ what Israel was in Romans chapters 9-11. Slide 8-9:
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