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WORKSHEET 8: 1) Just because you are asked to read F.F. Bruce’s commentary does not mean that the professor (or you!) agrees with everything in the commentary. In fact, you are strongly encouraged to question statements made in the commentary. Too many people simply swallow whatever a person puts in print or whatever pops up when “Googling” through the Internet. Having said this, please provide a THOROUGH discussion of your interpretation or thinking about who the “I” is in Romans chapter 7 (at least a page in length). Include comments from the notes,
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Unformatted text preview: PowerPoint, your commentary, etc. Put aside what you might find a “covenient” interpretation or what you have always believed and try to take an objective look at the text of Romans 7 in the context of ancient Roman persuasive speech (like the diatribe in the earlier part of Romans), the socio-historical context of the letter, and the literary context (in particular chapters 6 and 8). Substantiate your answers/discussion. 2) Discuss heir/inheritance in ancient Roman society....
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