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j1 - influenced by others Mature mind starts forming at...

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Miroshnichenko L. D., V. E. Pelipas, L. N. Rybakova. “ Problems of Narcotics Prevention in the Adolescent Community . ” Russian Education and Society. 43.6 ( 2001 ) : 5-27 Discusses the rate of growth of narcotic addiction among the adolescents in Russia. Problems of narcotics prevention in the adolescent community ; Difference in the level of addiction to narcotics addiction among adolescent and the population as a whole; Need to strengthen the guideline for the prevention of the abuse of psychoactive substances The authors talk about the problem of drug addiction among adolescents, as the group of the society that is mostly exposed to drug abuse. They also made their article about drug
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Unformatted text preview: influenced by others. Mature mind starts forming at this age. and if drug addiction becomes the part of the adolescent’s life than it may have a strong impact on the whole life of the adolescent. The author also compares the modern situation of drug addiction with the situation at the time of USSR existence, when the laws and limits were much stricter. Nowadays people have more freedom than before and that is why the number of addicts became enormous in the recent decade. However the author says that strict limitations and laws will not help solve the problem. Helping people will be more efficient....
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