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j4 - is overwhelmed by the gross roots effect of peer...

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I consider the weakest chapter in Freakanomics is “What Makes a Perfect Parent”. First reason that makes this chapter weak is this “A baby should only be put to sleep on her stomach. Eating liver is either a) toxic or b) imperative for brain development. The authors did not supported their arguments. The did not explained why it is toxic or imperative for brain development. Another example, which is also makes this chapter weak is “baby exercise”. They stated that crying fifteen minutes is the exercise for baby. May be baby cries because he is hungry or ill. The authors did not informed readers that why crying is exercise for baby? Why fifteen minute? Also, I could not understand that why authors mentioned about gay parents and then they stated that “the top-down influence of parents
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Unformatted text preview: is overwhelmed by the gross roots effect of peer pressure, the blunt force applied each day by friends and school-mates”. What if child who has gay parents has friends whose parents are not gay? Child who has different parent than others can consider he different. Also, it can be another problem in child physiology. It means that parents may contribute to their child’s personality. I think that in this argument the logical flow is wrong. The authors mentioned that parents cannot contribute but the logical flow says that they can. Also, the authors of the book in the beginning of the chapter “Perfect Parent II” stated that choosing name is important but after some time they say that it does not....
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