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Nurbol Adilbekov Farran Norris English 104 3 March 2009 Journal 2 Barak Obama’s victory speech He states that it was a long time coming and Americans did that election at that moment. Also, he says that changes come to America. In this part of his speech the claim is change has come to America. Also, ground of this speech is :because American people voted for democracy. Warrant: if democracy come to the government then the government will be changed Baraka Obama states all Americans young, poor, Democratic and Republican and other individuals. Moreover, he mentioned that Americans not only collections of different individuals, they can built strong economy. Claim: Americans can built strong economy. Ground: They are not only collections of different individuals, they have different scientists and economists so they can built strong economy in their country. In one part of his speech he mentioned that he would not be standing as a president of the US without support of his best friend, family rock and his wife. The nation’s next first lady Michelle Obama. After
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Unformatted text preview: that I can guess that he received a lot of support from his wife. (claim).Since she is his best friend and the rock of his family, the love of his life, she supported him every time.(ground) In the next part of his speech he states that he would not be the president of the US without support of Americans. He become president of the US (Claim) because Americans voted for him.(ground) The last part of his interesting speech was about women. Also, he states that this election was different from previous ones. He mentioned about one black women who is 106 years old. She was born in a time when there was no cars and she could not vote because of color and because she is women. Claim: This election will be told for generations. Grounds: because it is different from previous election. Warrant : America is changed completely. If in the past women and black people could not vote, but now they can....
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