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Nurbol Adilbekov Instructor Farren Norris English 104 3 March 2009 Drugs in 21 century In general, drugs are common problem almost in every country in the world. Illegal drugs are the most dangerous in every society because it is the one of the main causes of crime. Unfortunately, our society has thousands of drug addicts half of whom are teenagers. What will happen with our new generation in the future? How they will manage our world? This question bothers many people in the world. And a lot of researches were done. In this paper I am going to introduce some effective solutions suggested by people who made researches. One of the effective solution to reduce crime is to treat drug addicts and to find effective treatment program for them. As Elizabeth Anglin and George states in one article in Journal of Drug Issues that drug addiction causes number of crime and Miroshnichenko , Pelipas and Rybakova suggest helping people will be more effective than strict limitation and law. Moreover Smith states that psychologist should help addicts throw their parents. As a result of treatment Weber argues that treatment of addicts helps to reduce crime but it is expensive. Lastly, I think that to reduce crime government should treat addicts throw their parents or closest people. Even if it is expensive for government, they can save big money. Since Elizabeth Anglin and George talk about expenses for government. “The total expenses to government with criminal and drug treatment is approximately eighty five million dollar”. If government wants to reduce crime, they should apply effective programs even if it is expensive, instead of non effective and cheap. Deschenes, Elizabeth Piper, M. Douglas Anglin and George Speckart. “Narcotics addiction: Related Criminal Careers, Social and Economic Costs.” Journal of Drug Issues . 21.2 (1991): 383-411 It is a research work done to find out the resolution for the problem of drug addiction and crimes related to drugs. According to the research made by authors drug addiction causes a number of crimes and therefore overcrowding of prisons. As a statistic prove author states “243 addicts accumulated 473738 crime-day” they have got this
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pr2 - Nurbol Adilbekov Instructor Farren Norris English 104...

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