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Nurbol Adilbekov Instructor Farren Norris English 104 07 April 2009 Gas war The gas war between Russia and Ukraine is an economical conflict between the Russian Company “GasProm” and the Ukrainian Company “Naftogas”. The gas war between the two companies started in 2005 because of the price of gas and gas become a national problem. There are, also, some influential politicians involved in this gas war. Moreover, numerous European countries are frightened because they consume Russian gas through Ukraine. If we look at the historical background, we can understand the main reasons for this war. After the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine became independent, but became post soviet country and it is sister country to Russia. However, Russia wants to control Ukraine with cheap prices for gas until 2004 when the “Orange revolution” started in Ukraine. The “Orange Revolution” is the one of the first steps for Ukraine to become a member of the European Union. However, Russia does not want the Ukraine to become member of European Union, which resulted in the start of the gas war between two countries. The author of the politician cartoon, Elkin uses the most influential politicians of the two countries to represent Russia and Ukraine. First, in the cartoon Elkin uses Putin, president of the Russia, as the cook and Yushenko, president of the Ukraine, as the waiter. The fact that they are angry towards to each other clearly represents that the relationship between the two countries is cold. Also, Elkin uses Putin as a big cook because the author states that Russia is a big country which supplies
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pr3c - Nurbol Adilbekov Instructor Farren Norris English...

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