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Name: Adilbekov Nurbol Instructor: Ms Norris English 104 Date April 30, 2009 Treatment of drugs can reduce crime. In general, one of the biggest problems in every society is drug addiction because a large number of crimes, which is another big problem, are committed by drug addicts. How do drug addiction and crimes relate to each other? As Morris in the article “Drug Addiction” states that “Drug use leads to a criminal way of life. The illegality of purchase and possession of opiates and similar drugs makes a drug user a delinquent ipso facto”(12).Drug addicts are ipso facto of criminals because they buy drugs illegally. He further argues that “the high cost of heroin, the drug generally used by juvenile users, also forces specific delinquency against property for cash returns”. Also, crimes are “an [acts] committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it and for which punishment is imposed upon conviction” as defined in “The American Heritage® Dictionary” by Houghton. This definition is clearly states that drug addicts are major criminals. Moreover, Morris states that major age of the drug addicts are unfortunately young people. For example, according to the statistics in the US, as illustrated in figure 1, shows that average drug addicts’ age is between sixteen and twenty- three . In the challenge of reducing crime rates and drug addicts, different studies have been performed to find effective solutions. According to my studies in this paper, I think that to reduce crime rates, every society should reduce the number of young addicts by the help of parents.
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pr4[1]c - Name: Adilbekov Nurbol Instructor: Ms Norris...

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