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Spring brake

Spring brake - Austin is the capital of the Texas state I...

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Spring brake In general, spring break is the one of the important holidays for college student in the US. Why is it important? Cause, spring break is the longest break in the middle of the spring semester. Since, I am from Kazakhstan; we do not have spring break in my home country. Also, I was wondering, why my country does not have. In addition, I found that it was made up in the US, I answered to that question, when I found that “From the end of World War II until the 1980s, Fort Lauderdale , Florida , was a notorious spring break destination in the United States . It was largely made so by the efforts of one man, George Warren "Bob" Gill Jr. who was called, "the Father of Fort Lauderdale spring break." ” (Warren).This spring break was unforgettable for me because it was my first spring break in my life. I visited my friend in Austin and we went together to San Antonio.
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Unformatted text preview: Austin is the capital of the Texas state. I learned that Austin is the only city which is liberal that was interesting. “ Keep Austin Weird ” explains that Austin is different from other cities in the Texas state. I felt that I went to other liberal state. Also, the other city which I liked is San Antonio. San Antonio is also different from other cities in Texas. San Antonio is like Mexican or Spain cities. It does not look like US cities. Especially, river walk is the one of the main reasons that makes San Antonio looks like European cities. In addition, I will never forget my first spring break because it was my first spring break and I had an amazing little road trip in the state Texas....
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