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Ungaro 1 Nick Ungaro Instructor Womack English 104 18 September 2006 “Dirty” Oil The corrosion of the Alaskan pipeline in Prudhoe Bay, North America’s largest, most productive oil field, has created a leaking of oil into the environment. The large, well-known energy company British Petroleum (BP) has investigated this issue as it affects their oil supply. They have initiated a clean-up operation, albeit slow and of little priority, that seems to be fixing the damage. For this procedure, they have a budget of $71 million while their total capital budget is $600 million (“Alaska”). In the cartoon from the Denver Post, Mike Keefe argues that British Petroleum cares little about the leaking Alaskan pipeline because they receive such a large profit from the increased budget and raised prices of oil. Mike Keefe uses symbolism to represent British Petroleum’s oil and profits. First, in the cartoon there are two pipelines running parallel to each other. One is superimposed with “BP PROFITS” while the other “BP OIL.” The fact that they are parallel to each other suggests that the leakage of oil and how much BP earns go hand in hand. The profits of BP are therefore unaffected by the leaking pipeline showing that the company is economically powerful and sufficient. Keefe uses visual metonymy with BP’s profits as a pipeline to hint how the profits of BP are flowing in, in vast quantities, similar to their 800,000 barrels of oil a day (“Alaska”).
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Visual1 - Ungaro 1 Nick Ungaro Instructor Womack English...

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