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Emich 1 Sarah Emich Professor B. V. Nuclear English 104 – 531 21 September 2006 The Atlantic Team “Good morning. I appreciate our Secretary of State coming by to brief. . . [us] about our progress in working with the United Nations, convincing the United Nations Security Council to firmly deal with a threat to world peace. . . . We strongly condemn terror. We strongly condemn violence. And we continue to send our message to the good people of . . . [the Middle East] that if you're interested in peace . . . all parties must do everything they can to reject and stop violence” (Bush). In his early morning press conference on September 19, 2002, President Bush expressed his intention to do anything and everything to stop Saddam Hussein. The “all parties” Bush referred to was the United Nations, and more specifically his alliances with Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. Despite Bush’s personal plan to use the utmost force necessary to defeat Hussein, his international alliance had much less concrete plans. Each country had its own agendas and desires for the war effort. In his cartoon “The Atlantic Alliance: An Update”, Horsey portrays the original alliance members as a team of agenda-crazy and American-driven politicians who can not decide whether war is the correct type of force to use against Saddam Hussein. In the beginning, the war was often seen as an American case of aggression, and the UN seemed to follow the wants and needs of President Bush. Horsey portrays this belief by substituting the alliance’s diplomatic meetings with a game of the quintessential American sport, football. President George Bush is also drawn as a huge, bulking quarterback screaming at his
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Emich 2 team to get off the benches and “slam Saddam!!” In his portrayal of Bush, Horsey is saying that the Atlantic Alliance, and in turn the Iraqi War, is a part of Bush’s agenda to forcefully push
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Visual2 - Emich 1 Sarah Emich Professor B V Nuclear English...

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