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2 2. (15 points) Search: Crawler’s Escape Whilst Pacman was Q-learning, Crawler snuck into mediumClassic and stole all the dots. Now, it’s trying to escape as quickly as possible. At each time step, Crawler can either move its s houlder or its e lbow one position up or down. Both joints s and e have five total positions each (1 through 5) and both begin in position 3. Upon changing arm positions from ( s,e ) to ( s 0 ,e 0 ), Crawler’s body moves some distance r ( s,e,s 0 ,e 0 ), where | r ( s,e,s 0 ,e 0 ) | ≤ 2 meters (negative distance means the crawler moves backwards). Crawler must travel 10 meters to reach the exit. r(3, 3, 3, 4) 10 meters exit Action: increase elbow position ! In this problem, you will design a search problem for which the optimal solution will allow Crawler to escape in as few time steps as possible.
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