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cs188_sp09_mt1_sol 3

cs188_sp09_mt1_sol 3 - NAME(c(2 pt Would depth-first graph...

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NAME: 3 (c) (2 pt) Would depth-first graph search be complete for the search problem you defined? Explain. No, depth-first search would not be complete because the state space is infinite. Depth-first search could forever keep expanding states with increasing distance to the goal. (d) (3 pt) Design a non-trivial, admissible heuristic for this problem. Distance to exit divided by 2 is admissible because each step can move Crawler at most 2 meters closer to the goal. A slightly better heuristic would be to round this heuristic up to the nearest integer. (e) (4 pt) Crawler’s shoulder overheats if it switches direction more than once in any three consecutive time
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