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NAME: 11 e) (4 pt) You now want to compute the distribution P ( A ) using variable elimination. List the factors that remain before and after eliminating the variable N . Before: The initial factors are just the conditional probability tables of the Bayes’ net. P ( A ), P ( P | A ), P ( C | A ), P ( T | C ), P ( N | P,C ), P ( E | T,N ) After: First, all factors that include the variable N are joined together, yielding P ( E,N | P,C,T ) Next, the variable N is summed out of this new factor, yielding P ( E | P,C,T ) The remaining factors include this new factor and the unused original factors. P ( A ), P ( P | A ), P ( C | A ), P ( T | C ), P ( E | P,C,T ) Referring to the final factor as m ( E,P,C,T ) (like in the textbook) was also accepted. f) (2 pt) Pacman’s new diet allows only fruit ( P and A ) to be eaten, but Pacman only follows the diet occasionally. Add the new variable D (for whether he follows the diet) to the network below by adding arcs.
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