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cs186_sp08_mt2 1 - Class Account UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA...

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Class Account: ___________________________ UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Department of EECS, Computer Science Division CS186 Bohannon/Cooper Spring 2008 Second Exam: Introduction to Database Systems April 15, 2008 Instructions: 1. Write your name on each page. 2. Turn in your notes page with your test. 3. There are 60 points total. 4. Please read over the test and plan your time. Best to skip and go back if you are stuck on a question. The points assigned to each question reflect our estimate of the time to answer that question, so use the point allocations to plan your time. 1. SQL (18 points) Consider the following relations: ComicBooks(Title,PubDate,IssueNumber,Price) Publishers(Name,Address) PublishedBy(Title,PublisherName) Characters(Name,GoodOrEvil,Superpowers, Mentor)
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