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cs186_sp08_mt2 10 - effects are erased b After a failure a...

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a. If we only create one index for UserProfiles, what should the index be on? Why? Should it be clustering? b. Should we create an index for Posts? If so, what attribute or attributes should it be on? If multiple attributes, what order should they be in? If we should not create an index, why not? 5. Transactions (5 points) An ACID transaction would permit the following situations (mark True or False for each): a. _____ After a failure, an uncommitted transaction is rolled back and all of its
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Unformatted text preview: effects are erased. b. _____ After a failure, a committed transaction is rolled back and all of its effects are erased. c. _____ Two transactions update the same tuple and then commit, and the effects of both transactions are visible afterwards. d. _____ An unserializable schedule is executed. e. _____ A transaction reads the same tuple twice without writing it in between and sees two different values....
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