Cs186_fa07_mt1_sol 2 - of Random I/Os of Sequential I/Os Pass 0 Read 1(or 0 31(or 32 Pass 0 Write 1(or 0 31(or 32 Pass 1 Read 3(or 4 29(or 28 Pass

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c) [8 points] A frequent user of the service uploads 256KB files that are often already sorted. Assume that the output must be writ en on the same disk as the input, but that you have another disk available to you for scratch space. Assume also that you choose to use QuickSort in memory. Fil in the fol owing table describing the I/O behavior when they upload a file that happens to already be sorted:
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Unformatted text preview: # of Random I/Os # of Sequential I/Os Pass 0 Read 1 (or 0) 31 (or 32) Pass 0 Write 1 (or 0) 31 (or 32) Pass 1 Read 3 (or 4) 29 (or 28) Pass 1 Write 1 31 Sequential Mostly: 4 points 32 Blocks/Row: 1 points Pass 1 Read: 2 points Pass 1 Write: 1 point...
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