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b. [2 points] According to the above ER diagram, Zel erbach Hal is divided by default in three seating sections, each of which is associated with a particular price. The management decides to introduce a more flexible pricing policy, according to which the number of seating sections (and their pricing) may vary. What changes would you recommend to the above ER diagram to accommodate the management’s wish to make more money? Any solution capturing the need to create a separate entity set for the seating sections, which was associated with the Performance entity set via some relationship set, was given ful score.
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Unformatted text preview: c. [4 points] The fol owing DDL SQL statement creates the table to store the “includes” relationship from the original ER diagram. Fil in the missing details, so that it captures the constraints that the ER diagram represents. CREATE TABLE includes ( id INTEGER, name VARCHAR(20), composer VARCHAR(20) -1 PRIMARY KEY ( id, name, composer ), -1 FOREIGN KEY(id) REFERENCES Performance -1 FOREIGN KEY(name, composer) REFERENCES Composition -1 ); Name_________________________________________- 7 -...
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